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-- [Considering the current political climate of Amerika following the 9-11 deception, those familiar with this site's former content will understand the meaning of the above illustration. In alignment with this direction, the TM site has been employed for "alternate" purposes. ] --


Welcome to the Terran Militia homepage!

TM is currently a solo project, a metal band in its infancy with 7 experimental songs recorded to date ranging in styles from gothic to punk, doom, death, and alternative metal. Truth, groove, and beauty are the constants among theses diverse songs.

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What's the future sound of TM? Imagine the melodic beauty of Therion combined with the complete groove of System of a Down, vocal eloquence of Metallica, lyrical content straight from the mind of a conspiracy buff, rapid double-pedal kickdrums of Fear Factory, stage theatrics of Gwar, guitar complexity of Quo Vadis, and to top it all off: vocal parts utilizing a vocoder. A doom-filled ecstatically heavy and beautiful chugging heavy metal band with what will sound like Voltron from the Transformers manning the vocals, interspersed with death metal growling a la Six Feet Under and clean vocals like James Hettfield with vibrato. Robometal will be born with Terran Militia! Watch the TM mp3 page for 'our' ongoing musical evolution toward this goal.